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When TV is Good

Newton Minow and Edward R. Murrow both believed that television had a responsibility to the public, to provide not just what the public wanted, but what we needed. In the 1950s and 1960s they each gave stirring speeches, compelling network executives to consider their responsibilities to the public as they used the public’s airwaves. I … Continue reading

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Until this fall, I thought that the best thing I could offer a company was my outsider status. Everywhere I’d worked, I’d come from a non-traditional background or an unexpectedly circuitous route. In theatre, because I thought like a linguist instead of a technician, I solved problems in different ways. (Granted, the solutions were often … Continue reading

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Knowing your weaknesses

This is not (directly) fodder for answering the dreaded interview question, “what are your greatest weaknesses?” Instead, I think we, especially students, should examine our job duties and skills. Figure out our strengths and weaknesses, which of each we enjoy using and which stress us out. In the last decade, the “do what you love” mantra … Continue reading